Custom Design and Patios

The first stage of any good patio is the design. We work with you to discover your wants and needs for your space and help you get there. We start with a consultation and go over your ideas. We discuss the hardscape elements and do a soil test to see what plants are best suited to the area. We also discuss what types of plants you like or dislike, colors, types of shrubs and trees, and virtually anything that comes to mind.

All of our patio designs feature a balance of harmony and aesthetics which are created by combining greenery with ground cover and architectural accents into the final design. We can create the outdoor living space of your dreams, no matter how small or large your space is

Decorative Concrete

Known for its incredible beauty, strength and affordability, thousands of retailers, restaurants and showrooms nationwide are choosing decorative concrete. With decorative concrete coatings and finishes, your business can transform a dull slab of grey concrete into a work of art and extend the life of your flooring.


Brick masonry is a more affordable option than other mason types and can be adhered using different types of mortar, depending on structural requirements. Since bricks are uniform in shape and size, they create a clean, symmetrical look that is desired by many home or commercial property owners. Bricks can be used for virtually any project including walkways, walls, and openings for doors and windows.


Pavers are an incredibly popular material for outdoor hardscaping. They are usually made from clay, stone, brick and concrete. Pavers can be used in different ways, but the most common use for them for patio pathways and walkways.

Interlocking pavers are considered among the best choices for driveways and patios, and if installed properly can create a stronger driveway than poured concrete. And when it comes to rock garden ideas, permeable pavers are a great choice. Once mixed with decorative rock and lawns, they tend to produce a truly remarkable look.

No matter what the hardscaping need may be, JV Land Services is here to help. Call (571) 471-0158 today and speak with one of our certified masons and get a free estimate – customer satisfaction guaranteed! We service Falls Church and surrounding areas.